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Complete Resident Protection Solutions

At Wireless NurseCall Systems we have been designing and manufacturing our own wireless emergency call systems and equipment for over 20 years. The scope of our expertise includes Wireless Emergency Nurse Call, Access Control, Wander Control and Fall Detection systems. We are always innovating new and better technology and we guarantee backwards compatibility with our existing systems. We are independently owned and operated and do not deal through dealers or distributors. Our systems are reliable and rugged and have been installed in senior living facilities throughout the United States and Canada.


At WNS we understand that an emergency call system can only protect residents when it is functioning properly. We have tirelessly constructed our system with ample redundancy, self-diagnostic capabilities, and we utilize the most dependable equipment designed. Each system is installed by a WNS technician to ensure it is done right, in the business of life safety there is no margin for error.

Custom Solutions

Every community is unique and requires a uniquely designed emergency call system to provide proper coverage for resident protection. At WNS we design each system to meet your specific requirements, no two systems are the same. Since we design and manufacture all of our own wireless components we are afforded enormous flexibility, allowing a truly custom solution for your community.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support staff is always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your community is in the United States or Canada we support facilities across both nations. Our devoted technicians perform a daily check of your system and will immediately inform you if any issues are detected.

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