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The patent pending FindME™ system module utilizes revolutionary receiver and pendant technology to precisely locate resident alarms. The system can hone in on a pendant alarm signal to determine accurate location in a multistory facility. Instead of providing a likely area where a pendant alarm came from, the FindME™ system will give you floor by floor precise location data.

  • Different modes provide Real Time Resident location, tracking, electronic fences, etc.
  • Provides precise location data to improve alarm response time
  • Can be retrofitted with existing WNS E-Call system installations
  • Waterproof pendant with wireless recharging
  • Scalable to fit any size community
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    Precise Resident Locating

    Using the latest in receiver and pendant technology, the FindME™ system is on the leading edge of resident locating. This Non-GPS system can pinpoint a resident’s position on a senior living campus.

    Waterproof Rechargeable Pendant

    The innovative FindME™ pendant was also designed with an industry first rechargeable battery. No more disposing of dead battery pendants or compromising the ‘water resistant seal’ when replacing a battery. After extended use the battery may dip below a 20% charge. When this occurs the EPS software will tell you the battery is low. Simply lay the pendant on the WNS charging mat to recharge within an hour.

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